Wm. Parry, of Ginnameinson, N. J., who has experimented with it for two years, says: "Previous to growing the Colossal, we doubted there being any variety better than the one generally cultivated, and thought the mammoth principle claimed, was due to manure and treatment; but since fully testing the Colossal here, we are so well oonvineed of its superiority over all other kinds, that we shall not only plant it exclusively ourselves but take pleasure in recommending it to others, for it is unrivalled in point of size, quality and productiveness, and it is a loss to occupy the ground with an inferior or common article, when better can now be so easily obtained.

Conover's Colossal Asparagus #1

This variety sold last spring for 60 cents per bunch, or at the rate of $1,200 per acre. The earliest bunches came from Pennsylvania, and realised as high as BO cents. We observe cultivators are preparing to plant largely of it for profit, one grower in Southern Delaware having already made preparations to put out 200,000 roots. Prices have fallen about one-half since spring, and plants are now quite cheap.