The increase of glass structures for growing the foreign grape, has been very great within the last three years - especially in the suburbs of our three largest cities. Now that it is prettey well settled that the foreign grape cannot be relied on out of doors, and that it will always ripen perfectly with the mere shelter of glass, unaided by fire heat, almost every amateur who can afford it, is attempting the production of this delicious fruit under glass. The market gardeners are not behind-hand in the matter, and the markets of New-York, Boston and Philadelphia, are now supplied with Black Hamburghs and Muscats of as fine quality, and at lower prices than in London; and it is not impossible that they may soon become as cheap as in Paris. If some of our manufacturers, who use steam power, knew how to apply their waste steam to the warming of forcing houses, wo might have an abundance of grapes in our market two or three months earlier than they usually ripen in cold vineries.

"We shall soon give, perhaps in our next No., some further plans and details for the construction of vineries of moderate size.