Mr. Editor:- In the September number of the Horticulturist you have been kind enough to give your readers an extract of the " Royal Horticultural Society, of London," all of which is very nice and very beautiful till you come to the Grape "question;" then your compositors have made Mr. Beaton say that " The bunches of the Buckland Sweetwater weighed six pounds four ounces!" From this your readers have a right to infer that there were more bunches than one, and that they weighed six pounds four ounces each! This is a monstrous Sweetwater, Mr. Mead, and such a very large drop of Sweetwater that most likely many of your readers will be after this six-pounder as soon as they can get it. I wonder if it would suit Beauregard down in Dixie?

To be serious, this is a typographical error, but should be corrected. We are willing to give them on the other side all credit justly due them, but they can't grow Sweetwater Grapes (Buckland or any other) to six pounds a bunch! The re* port should be read thus: " Three bunches," in the place of " The bunches".

Fox Meadow. [Thank you for the correction. - We think the " Bullet" Grape would suit Beauregard better than the Sweetwater. - Ed].