A dozen or two bunches on a young vine; beautiful, compact bunches, and of excellent quality; will become one of my standard varieties.

Diana #1

Of the Diana it would seem superfluous to speak; still its character is often misunderstood, and it is often called a feeble grower; whereas it is one of the most vigorous; and that, with its disposition to early overbearing, is its chief fault From a good stock its bunches and berries are even at its first bearing large, but the fruit improves greatly in size and quality and gains much in earlincss as the vines acquire age. It begins to color and be very good to cat almost as early as the Delaware, but does not, like that, hasten to full maturity and on the deep, rich, dry soil in which it delights it will continue to improve to the end of our longest and dryest seasons, when its fine qualities will surprise those who have only been acquainted with the Isabella and Catawba, Both this and the Delaware must still be regarded as in the progressive state, each season more fully developing their superior qualities; and the past and present season, so unfavorable for developing the flavor of grapes has afforded us the test to place them in the highest.rank.

Diana #2

One of the very best. With this grape I do not think there will be any disappointment; like Catawba, only better if possible. Let it be planted everywhere.

Diana #3

Hardy, strong grower, very prolific, ripens south of Boston late in September. Clusters medium size and compact; berries light red, small, round, sweet, and slightly pulpy; keeps well through the winter. Valued for table use, and will become profitable for wine: one of the most desirable." A much better character, we think, than the Diana deserves after trial.

Dianas #4

The Diana is not popular with us, nor is the demand for it very great. It sells better in the Southern cities than it does in our own.

Iona - The Ionas must be well ripened, and present a good appearance to sell well. In fact there has been so few of this variety sent to our market that but few appreciate its excellent qualities. When fully ripened, so that it can reach up among the nineties, it is valued highly, and bought largely by the wine cellars to flavor and mix with other wines.