Foreign journals are giving favorable notices to this new garden flower, describing it as an exceedingly beautiful and very useful hardy annual, growing from twelve inches to fifteen inches high, and belonging to the type of the Dianthus Heddewigii. "Its usefulness consists in furnishing an abundant supply of very beautiful and slightly perfumed flowers for cutting during most of the summer and autumn months, even up to the middle or end of October. The blossoms rival in form, and in the beauty and diversity of their marking, the finest of the pinks and picotees of the florist. This result has been secured by pursuing a system of careful selections, that is, by saving seed from only the best marked and perfectly double and well-formed flowers, until the strain is such as to rarely produce a plant bearing single blossoms. Seeds may be sown in the open ground in April and May, or started with hot-bed heat in March, and afterward transplanted. The last mode will produce finest blooms."