This should be the gayest month in the year in this department, and the weather being dry and the nights cool in the early part of the season, in fact it has been very dry through July in many parts, although heavy storms and floods have prevailed in other parts of States; so that generally plants have not made so much growth as usual at the beginning of the season, and late planted ones have made no growth at all in many cases, but after the showers which have been very general during July, we judge there has been rapid progress and expect this month to be extra gay, as the beds and borders should be well filled without the plants being overgrown. The advantage of a good water supply both for turf and plants is this year very evident where it has been judiciously used.

Zonule Geraniums have been unusually fine with us this year, but they were planted early and the varieties selected, and only those planted in quantity which had given a fair amount of satisfaction in former seasons, excepting a few colors we could not well dispense with, and the new varieties on trial. We intend to give a selection for the end of the season, after a little more discarding. This is a good time for putting in a batch of cuttings; they will root freely either in open ground or on a bench of an open greenhouse, or in a well ventilated frame, and when rooted can either be potted in small pots or placed thick in boxes to be potted in the spring.