The ever recurring round cedar tub for lemon trees, myrtles, etc.,etc, may be varied very beautifully in a simple manner. The makers of paper hangings employ square carved blocks with the pattern of the paper well developed, some with flowers, running vines, and designs appropriate to the purpose. By taking four of these, of different patterns if you please, nailing them together, and putting a rim at top, and a bottom, you have a good and most substantial box. Next paint and sand it, and when completed, with its tree growing, it represents a stone carved vase, and but for the shape might serve for a "Maltese.'* The blocks are thick, and consequently heavy, but such boxes answer also very well to stand a potted plant in. Altogether it is quite an adaptation of a worn out article to a useful and ornamental purpose. The old blocks, and those '* out of fashion" are generally burned. Thus, with the use of spent hops for mulching, and these old blocks, two worthless articles may be introduced to practical value.