As a garden plant, this new golden fern will take the position of a companion to the silvery G. pulchella, the size, fine cutting, and triangular outline of the fronds producing a certain amount of similarity, though botanically, the two are perfectly distinct. It was introduced from the Andes of South America, by John Gair, Esq., of Falkirk, by whom it was sent to Kew, and from thence it has been distributed. The fronds are nearly deltoid in outline, membraneous in texture, and quadripinnati-fied in division, supported on dark chestnut, brown shiny stripes, more than a foot long, clothed with sulphury meal at the base, and furnished with a few scattered, pale brown scales. The pinnae are set on tolerably close, of a clear green color; the pinnules close lanceolate-deltoid, the tertiary segments pal-matifidly cut down into linear acute segments, and bearing the sulphur-yellow sori through the whole length of the vein. It is a fine stove species, the large triangular fronds having a peculiarly elegant appearance from these fine cuttings, while the minute fingerlike divisions into which the lobes are split up, give it a distinctive character.- The Florist.