The devastation of this disease has been more widely spread in Europe, the past season, than is generally credited; indeed, the disease may be celled sporadic, and its fatality may be judged of when we state that the owner of a Portuguese Quinta, who used to draw from one of his vineyards twenty to seventy-five pipes of wine every year, drew but three the past season, and that these were of very bad quality. Various methods of treatment have been suggested, tried, and abandoned as useless; the only course which gives promise of any success, being that of restraining vegetation by severe pruning. A very interesting new book has been published in London, lately, entitled Gatherings from the Wine Lands. It says, among other clever things, to show there is nothing new under the sun, that the method of imbibing that vinous preparation called "sherry cobbler," was practised by an Asiatic people, with respect to their ale. Xenophon came upon a people who made the Greeks as weary of laughing as they were of marching and fighting, by drinking their barley wine through straws.

The disease of the grape is said to have destroyed fifty per cent. of the Cincinnati crop, in 1855.

Bartlett pears have been selling in New York market, at wholesale, at $9 per barrel. One cultivator of this delicious fruit realised at the rate of $9,200 per acre, from his orchard; he plants 104 standard and 486 dwarf pears on, each acre. From one nursery near Bochester, N. T., fruit trees to the value of $16,000 have already be sent West this fall.