New Brighton, Staten Island.

J. J. Smith, Esq.

Dear Sir: Inclosed I send you a perspective view and ground-plan of a collection of horticultural houses, designed by myself, for J. McCall, Esq., Staten Island, and combining beauty of exterior with practical utility. In this case it was required to have an early and late grapery, a large general conservatory, and a suitable apartment for camellias, and other polished leaved greenhouse plants, which are subject to be scorched by the rays of midday sun. The most available site was on a level plot, so situated that the longitudinal extension of the structure should be east-southeast, and west-northwest.. It was also desirable that no part should appear as "sheds" or other like nuisance, consequently the ordinary conveniences are provided for by a cellar, forty feet long by nine feet wide, being sunk under the northwest part of the building, and which contains the two boilers and sufficient room for the winter's fuel. There are two cisterns, each fourteen feet wide by fourteen feet deep underground, and beneath the stage of the central house.

Each house is furnished with a tank for tepid water, having a hose-coupling attached, with faucets so arranged, that one force-pump (which is fixed under the stage) answers all the purposes of drawing water from the cisterns into the tanks, or from any one of the tanks to shower over the whole or any part of the interior, at pleasure. The centre house is twenty-one feet wide by forty-six feet long, and seventeen feet from the ground level to the ridge. The two wings are fifty feet long by twenty feet wide, and fourteen feet to the ridges, which are on a level with the eaves where they join. The groundwork, making of borders, and planting, was executed by Mr. Nicol, the intelligent gardener, and from present appearances, future success is certain. The vines were one year old from the "eye," when planted, last March, and the greater part are now (August 11th) from twenty to twenty-five feet long, with proportionate strength of cane, and with good ripening, will be fully qualified to bear a light crop of fruit next year.

Most respectfully yours, WM. CHORLTON.

Greenhouses Of J Mccall Esq Statin Island N Y 120012Greenhouses Of J Mccall Esq Statin Island N Y 120013