IT is difficult to name a list of roses suitable for out-door gardens in all parts of the country. We find that roses bloom and grow far more rigorously the farther southward they are cultivated. A rose gardes in the New England States would make but a poor show in comparison with some of the overwhelming examples of bloom we have seen in modest little Delaware flower gardens. Delaware is truly the home of the rose as well as the peach. But for latitudes like that of New York, and southward, we know no list combining so well the best of the old and the new varieties, as this, made out by James Stewart, of Memphis, Tenn.

The Giant of Battles with its gorgeous deep crimson, is popular everywhere. The ladies have always liked the Devoniensis for its delicate cream tint and pure odor, while the Baltimore Belle and Prairie Queen, as climbing roses, can hardly be displaced by the boldest of all new comers.

12. White, and near approaching to white Sombrueil. Clara Sylvan, Gloire d'Dijon, Woodland Marget, Juno, Queen Victoria, Pumelo, Aimee Vibert, White Moss, Nyphetos, Lady Warrender, Musk Cluster.

6. Yellow, and approaching to yellow Marechal Niel, Isabella Gray, Madame Charles, La Bonle d'Or, Juan Hardy, Celene Forester.

6. Lemon Lays, Augusta, La Paetole, Cloth of Gold, Isabella Sprunt, Saffrano.

2. Clear straw color Lutea, Flavescene.

4. Cream Devoniensis, America, LaMarqne, Madame Falcot.

6. Flesh colored Queen of Bourbons, Mme. Bosanquet, Lee's Blush, Louis Odier, Souvenir de la Malmaison, Madame Massott.

6. Salmon color Bougere, Ophire, Phaloe, Triumph of Luxemburg, Imperatrice, Josephine, Viscompte do Cues.

8. Peach blossom colors G-olconda, Homer, Triomphe de Thumeniel, Sallett, Rubens, Adam, Victor Verdier, Alfred d'Dalmas.

3. Distinct rosy lilac David Pradel, Belle Charronnaise, Leveson Gower.

4. Nearest to purple and black Jupiter, Joseph Gordon, Prince Camile de Rohan, John Ingram.

6. Crimson Beauty of Waltham, Emperor Napoleon, Mount Carmel, Giant of Battles, Charles Wood, Gen. Jacqueminot.

6. Dark and rosy red Sir Joseph Paxton, Dr. Arnel, Leon des Combats, Rivers, Gen. Druot, John Hopper.

2. Best running roses Prairie Queen, Baltimore Belle.

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