Horticultural exhibitions in June, so as to include Roses, Strawberries, Ac, Ac., appear to be rapidly on the increase. Cayuga county has long been distinguished for her devotion to fruits and flowers. Very much of this is doubtless owing to that truly distinguished and accurate pomologist and horticulturist, David Thomas, who has long been a resident of that county.

For the first time that county held a June exhibition on the 17th, and, I am happy to say, from personal observation, that in every respect it was worthy of her sons and daughters. Rosea of the rarest varieties, finest specimens, and in the greatest profusion, graced the exhibition. Among the exhibitors I noticed the Messrs. Morgans, Dr. Thompson, and Hrnry "Wells, Esq., of Aurora; Mrs. E. Throop Martin, of Willow Brook; Messrs. Graver, Freeoff, Goodwin, John H. Chedell, H. T. Dickinson, H. R. Pomroy, 0. W. Wheeler, Mrs. Butler s and Mrs. S. Blatchford, of Auburn. Their tables exhibited the largest and beat collect boquets I have ever seen at one show. One gentleman, Mr. Freeoff, placed twenty-nine handsome boquets on the tables, besides a full exhibition of seventy-five named varieties of Roses, and other flowers in proportion, for which he took the first premium. Another gentleman, Mr. S. S. Graves, I was told, cut one thousand specimens of Roses for the exhibition, and really fine ones these were, too* Messrs. Thorp, Smith, Hanchett & Co., of Syracuse, added decidedly to the exhibition from their fine stock.

There was also a very handsome display of strawberries, of such varieties as McAvoy's Superior, McAvoy's Extra Red, Walker's Seedling, Crescent Seedling, Moyamensing Pine, Monroe Scarlet, Geneses Seedling, Hovey's Seedling, Burt's New Pine, Black Prince, Lizzy Randolph, Jenny's Seedling, Rival Hudson, Crimson Cone, Columbus, Boston Pine, etc.; but the only individuals who exhibited more than four varieties each were P. R. Freeoff, of Auburn, who took the first premium, and R. G. Pardee, who, residing out of the county, was not in competition. The exhibition also comprised a fine show of Vegetables, both grown under glass and in the open air.

It was held at Standford Hall, one of the finest in the whole country for such an exhibition, and the fixtures and arrangements for the fair did great credit to their energetic committee. On the whole, the exhibition was in the highest degree satisfactory to the citizens of Auburn, and we bespeak for them another year a handsome delegation of floral and horticultural friends from abroad, for this infant society has given in this its first exhibition a distinct proof of what it can do when it gets into thorough working order. r. g. p.