At a meeting of the citizens of Toledo, convened July 2, 1858, in pursuance of a call published in the city papers, Matthew Johnson was called to the chair, and T. M Cooley appointed Secretary.

On motion of J. W. Scott, it was resolved that the meeting proceed to organize a Society to be called the "Toledo Horticultural Society".

The following committee was appointed: Messrs. J. W. Scott, A. Smyth, and C. E. Perigo, to draft and support a Constitution and By-Laws for said Society.

Messrs. E, Bliss, C. W. Hill, and A. Allen, to report permanent officers.

Messrs. T. Dunlap, W. Baker, and F. J. Scott, to ascertain and report to the Society where and upon what terms a room for the meetings of the Society may be obtained.

On motion, the editors of the city papers were requested to urge upon the citizens of the place the importance of extending their aid to this organization.

Adjourned to Thursday, July 7, at 7 o'clock P. M, at the office of Hill, Perigo & Pratt.

T. M Coolet, Secretary. M. JOHNSON, Chairman.

At a subsequent meeting a Society was formed, and the following officers elected :



Vice President

E. Bliss.


Chas. E. Perigo.


T. Dunlap.

Executive Board

M. Johnson, C W. Hill, J. M. Whitney.

Ah Agricultural Society has been organized in Polk county, Iowa, for the promotion of Agriculture, Horticulture, Manufactures, Mechanics, and Household Arts. We hope to hear a good account of this young Society in the "far West".

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