Under this name Mr. P. S. BERRS, of Southville, Conn., has sent us fruit of a species of Solanwm. It is about the siZe and shape of a Cherry, of a cream color, and enveloped in a dry, paper-like calyx. It is much more agreeable to the taste, when eaten raw, than any tomato. Mr. Beers describes it as follows:

"Enclosed, according to promise, I send you some leaves of the Ground Cherry. These specimens are about two-tbirds grown. The stalk of a full grown specimen is nearly an inch in diameter at the ground, and about three feet high, and its habits of growth are similar to the Tomato, and it will bear transplanting as well, and is earlier in coming into bearing. Should you sow any seed, next spring, be careful that you do not take them for weeds, when they vegetate, and destroy them. They make excellent pies and preserves - much superior to the Tomato, and are excellent for eating raw.

"Should you wish any further description, or more seed, it will be cheerfully given. I should also add, that, when ripe, this fruit falls from the branches, and will keep in its husk fresh some weeks. P. S. Beers. - Southville, Conn.