The group of trees and shrubs which retain interesting fruit well into the winter months is comparatively limited. A few of these plants should be in every landscape planting to give a touch of colour and life during the dead winter months.

Berberis (in variety) Barberry

Celastrus scandens

American Bitter-sweet Crataegus (in variety)


Ilex opaca American Holly

Ilex verticillata

Winterberry Ligustrum ibota

Japanese Privet

Ligustrum vulgare European Privet

Myrica cerifera Bayberry

Pyracantha coccinea Evergreen Thorn

Rhodotypos kerrioides

White Kerria Rhus glabra

Smooth Sumac Rhus typhina

Staghorn Sumac

Rosa blanda Meadow Rose

Rosa multiflora

Japanese Climbing Rose

Rosa rugosa Japanese Rose

Viburnum americanum

American High Bush Cranberry Viburnum dilatatum

Japanese Bush Cranberry

Viburnum opulus High-bush Cranberry