The most interesting effect can be obtained from the planting of tulips when study and thought are given to the colour effects of the flowers. Many interesting plantings of tulips have been completely spoiled from the standpoint of the landscape effect in a garden and on a lawn because sufficient thought has not been given to the relationship between the colours of the flowers and the season of bloom. It sometimes requires a complementary colour or a contrasting colour to make the most interesting flower effect. There are many tulip combinations which may be selected, but the following are a few which may be used as a guide: a. Single:

Jeannette (crimson red, edged old rose) Rose precoce (creamy white)

Kohinoor (crimson red, purplish bloom) Rose Aplati (blush white, edged salmon rose)

Queen of the Netherlands (pale rose) Van Berghem (carmine red)

Primrose Queen (primrose edged canary yellow) Wouverman (dark purple)

Goldfinch (chrome yellow) Princess Helena (pure white)

Lady Boreel (snowy white) Joost Van Vondel (cherry red flaked white)

Chrysolora (clear golden yellow) Dusart (vermilion red)

Golden Lion (primrose yellow, edged red) White Hawk (pure white)

Rose Aplati (white edged salmon rose) Jaune Aplati (sulphur yellow flushed pale rose)

Primrose Queen (primrose edged canary yellow) Princess Wilhelmina (deep pink)

A trifle {five to six days) later than the above are:

Golden Horn (primrose yellow) Rosa Mundi Huyckman (rose pink)

LeReve (old rose flushed buff) White Swan (pure white) (L'Interessante (dark violet) b. Double: Not as graceful as single. Heavy rains quickly bend over or break the stems of the huge blooms. A trifle later than singles:

Lac van Haarlem (rosy violet) Safrano (pale sulphur yellow)

LeMatador (glowing scarlet) Schoonoord (white sport from Murillo)

Sweetheart (white, slightly tinged pale rose) Don Carlos (glowing crimson)

Boule de Niege (pure white) Couronne d'Or (deep yellow)

Rose d'Amour (pale flesh rose) Salvator Rosa (deep rose, flushed white)

Blue Celeste (violet purple) Yellow Rose (yellow) c. Cottage:

Carnation (white, margined rose) Solferino (pale yellow) Fairy Queen (rosy lilac)

Picotee (white, margined rose) Inglescombe Pink (rosy pink) Doris (rosy lilac)

Moonlight (canary yellow) Twilight (mauve) Bouton d'Or (deep yellow) d. Darwins:

Chestnut (dark mahogany)

Clara Butt (rose)

Europa (light American beauty)

Franz Hals (reddish heliotrope) Princess Juliana (American beauty) Dream (pale heliotrope)

Gretchen (pale pink) Clara Butt (rose) Crepuscule (lilac)

Yolande (soft rose) La Tulipe Noire (purple black) Reverend Ewbank (lavender)

Europa (bright rose)