The following bulbs are good varieties for forcing. A few kinds (see Group b) will flower if kept in bowls of water with enough pebbles to hold them upright.

a. Forcing in soil.

Tulips - early single: Due Van Tholl (various colours) Duchesse de Parma (crimson with yellow margin) Chrysolora (yellow) Cottage Maid (pink) Flamingo (pink) Vermilion Brilliant (scarlet) Joost van Vondel (striped, red and white) Proserpine (deep rose with metallic petals)

Medium-flowering tulips: Thomas Moore (orange) Yellow Prince (yellow) White Swan (white) Rose Grisdelin (pink) Pottebakker (scarlet, yellow, and white) Couleur Cardinal (dark crimson)

Double tulips for forcing: Boule de Neige (white) Murillo (pink) Crown of Gold (yellow) Imperator Rubrorum (scarlet)

Cottage Tulips: Bouton d'Or (chrome yellow) Carnation (white margined carmine) Elegans alba (creamy white) Fairy Queen (rosy lilac) Inglescombe Pink (soft rosy pink) La Candeur (silvery white) Striped Beauty (silvery rose) Vitellina (primrose to creamy white)

Darwin Tulips:

For late February or early March: Bartigon (deep red) Pride of Haarlem (purple rose) William Copeland (lavender) William Pitt (dark red) Rev. H. Ewbank (light lavender)

For late March and early April: All names in above Dream (dark lilac) Europe (vivid red) Massachusetts (silvery pink) White Queen (white, flushed pink) Harry Veitch (brown red) Princess Elizabeth (deep pinlc)

Psyche (pink)

Sieraad van Flora (vivid rose) Farnecombe Sanders (fiery scarlet) Mme. Krelage (dark pink)

For late April or early May: Clara Butt (shell pink) Baronne de la Tonnaye (bright rose) Gretchen (soft pink) Loveliness (bright rose) Nora Ware (lilac)

Hyacinths (in order of earliness): Garibaldi (deep crimson) Hein Roozen (white) Lady Derby (rose pink) Yellow Hammer (creamy yellow) Buff Beauty (pale yellow striped with straw) Corregio (white) Count Andrassy (lavender blue) Enchantress (porcelain blue) General de Wet (soft light pink) Pink Perfection (mauve rose) La Grandesse (white) Oranjeboven (pale salmon-tinged rose) King of the Blues (dark blue) Etna (dark rose)

Large trumpet Narcissi: Emperor Empress Golden Spur Horsfieldi Mme. de Graaff Olympia Silver Spur Victoria W. P. Milner William Goldring

Medium trumpet narcissi: Sir Watkin Barri conspicuous Poeticus ornatus Sea Gull White Lady

Double narcissi: Van Sion Orange Phoenix

Paper White Narcissus (all varieties)

Miscellaneous Bulbs:

Chionodoxa Glory-of-the-snow

Convallaria majalis Lily-of-the-valley

Freesia refracta alba Freesia

Galanthus Snowdrop

Gladiolus The Bride Sword Flower

Hyacinth Dutch and Roman Early single varieties

Ixia African Corn Lily b. Forcing in water


Mammoth Yellow Crocus

Hyacinth Roman (large bulbs)

Narcissus Golden Spur Trumpet Narcissus

Narcissus horsfieldi

Trumpet Narcissus Narcissus polyanthus totus albus

Paper White Narcissus Narcissus polyanthus Soleil d'Or

Yellow Paper White Narcissus

Sprekelia formosissima Jacobaean Lily