Weeds are the most important enemies to lawns. The best way to eradicate weeds in a lawn that is otherwise worth saving is to dig them out, fill the holes with good topsoil, and sow fresh seed. Spraying with chemicals and patent remedies has never proved effective. Angle worms or fishworms may be destroyed by the following spray: Dissolve in two gallons of boiling water one pound of common salt and add one pound of corrosive sublimate. Dilute the above with four gallons of water to make a stock solution. One pint of the stock solution should be added to sixteen gallons of water and sprayed over the lawn. Army worms may be destroyed while young by a spray made by dissolving three pounds of arsenate of lead in fifty gallons of water. This should be sprayed over the lawn until it is white. While white grubs are among the grass roots in late July in preparation to emerge as adult beetles they may be crushed by rolling the lawn with a ten-ton roller, but failing this heroic treatment, there seems to be. no simpler remedy.