This group contains plants which are excellently adapted to the same kind of soil and the same kind of treatment as are the types of rhododendrons and azaleas with which they are used. Many of these plants such as the lilies, hypericums, and some others, provide flowers during a portion of the season when the large shrubs are not in flower.

Aronia arbutifolia Red Chokeberry

Asarum canadense

Wild Ginger Chamaedaphne calyculata


Cotoneaster horizontalis Prostrate Cotoneaster

Erythronium (in variety)

Adder's-tongue Fern (in variety)


Galax aphylla Galax

Goodyera pubescens Rattle-snake Plantain

Helonias bullata Swamp-pink

Houstonia caerulea Bluet

Hypericum calycinum Aaron's Beard

Hypericum moserianum Gold-flower

Ilex glabra Inkberry

Ledum groenlandicum Labrador Tea

Leiophyllum (in variety) Mountain Heath

Leucothoe catesbaei Catesby's Andromeda

Lilium canadense Wild Yellow Lily

Lilium pardalinum Panther Lily

Lilium speciosum Japanese Lily

Lilium superbum Turks' Cap Lily

Lilium tenuifolium Siberian Coral Lily

Mertensia virginica Bluebell

Mitchella repens Partridge Berry

Pachysandra terminalis Japanese Spurge

Pieris (in variety) Fetterbush

Pyxidanthera barbulata Flowering Moss

Rhodora canadensis Rhodora

Shortia galacijolia Shortia

Taxus canadensis Ground Yew

Trillium (in variety) Wake Robin

Vinca minor Periwinkle

Vinca minor alba White Periwinkle

Viola (in variety) Violet

Xanthorrhiza apiifolia Yellow-root