The following group of plants are valuable for use as ground cover where there is also a chance to provide suitable shelters for game birds, especially grouse. These groups are: (A) Plants of which the buds, blossoms, and foliage are eaten by game birds, and (B) Plants of which the nuts or seeds are eaten by game birds. These are mostly native plants.

A. Foliage, Buds, and Blossoms (Spring Cover):

Acer (in variety) Maple

Alnus (in variety) Alder

Aster (in variety)

Hardy Aster Astilbe biternata

False Goat's Beard

Azalea (in variety)

Azalea Benzoin aestivale

Spice Bush

Betula (in variety)

Birch Corylus (in variety)

Hazelnut Epigaea repens

Trailing Arbutus

Equisetum hyemale.

Horse-tail Rushes Fagus (in variety)

Beech Heuchera (in variety)

Coral-bells Kalmia (in variety) Laurel

Mitchella repens Partridge Berry

Ostrya virginiana Hop Hornbeam

Oxalis (in variety)

Wood Sorrel Picea (in variety)


Populus (in variety) Poplar

Portulaca oleracea Purslane

Prunus (in variety) Wild Cherry and Plum

Pyrus (in variety) Crab

Ranunculus (in variety) Buttercup

Rubus (in variety) Brambles

Salix (in variety) Willow

Sambucus (in variety) Elderberry

Saxifraga (in variety) Stone-breaker

Smilax (in variety)

Greenbrier Stellaria media

Chickweed Taraxacum officinale

Dandelion Thalictrum (in variety)


Thuja (in variety) Arborvitae

Trifolium (in variety) Clover

Vaccinium (in variety) Blueberry

Veronica (in variety) Speedwell

B. Nuts or Seeds (Autumn Cover):

Acer (in variety)

Maple Belamcanda chinensis

Blackberry Lily

Bidens frondosa Sticktight

Carex (in variety) Sedge

Castanea (in variety) Chestnut

Corylus (in variety) Hazelnut

Fagus americana Beechnut

Geum (in variety) Avens

Hamamelis virginiana Witch Hazel

Helianthemum canadense Frost-weed

Impatiens pallida Jewel-weed

Leptamnium virginianum Beechdrop

Meiboma (in variety) Tick Trefoil

Ostrya virginiana Hop Hornbeam

Pinus rigida Pitch Pine

Polygonum persicaria Lady's Thumb

Quercus (in variety) Oak

Rumex acetosella Sheep Sorrel

Stellaria media

Chickweed Tsuga canadensis

Canadian Hemlock

Vicia (in variety) Vetch