This group of trees and shrubs is composed of those specimens which either lend themselves to a natural, compact effect when pruned, or which possess an even, close habit of growth, fitting them particularly for formal effects. Plants used for this purpose should not be those which have a tendency to sucker and to make any indifferent growths in different directions.

Acer saccharinum pyramidale Pyramidal Silver Maple

Acer saccharum monumentale

Columnar Sugar Maple Betula alba fastigiata

Pyramidal White Birch Carpinus betulus

European Hornbeam Catalpa bungei

Round-leaved Catalpa Cercidiphyllum japonicum

Kadsura Tree

Hibiscus syriacus Rose of Sharon

Juniperus communis hibernica

Irish Juniper Juniperus communis suecica

Swedish Juniper Juniperus virginiana

Red Cedar

Juniperus virginiana cannarti Columnar Tufted Cedar

Juniperus virginiana glauca Blue Virginia Cedar

Juniperus virginiana schotti Schott's Red Cedar

Lonicera tatarica Tartarian Honeysuckle

Picea excelsa pyramidalis Pyramidal Norway Spruce

Populus alba pyramidalis Bolle's Poplar

Populus nigra italica

Lombardy Poplar Quercus robur fastigiata

English Oak Sciadopitys verticillata

Umbrella Pine Thuja occidentalis pyramidalis

Pyramidal Arborvitae