Generally speaking, flowers of all early-blooming shrubs, flowering upon wood of previous season, can be forced. The branches may be cut any time after January; but the best results are obtained when the branches are cut after the sap begins to run. Place the branches in water and spray tops several times daily to force bloom.

Amelanchier (white and pink)

Shad-bush Caragana frutescens (yellow)

Siberian Pea Shrub

Cercis canadensis (pink) Red-bud

Chaenomeles japonic a (pink and red)

Japanese Quince Colutea arborescens (light yellow)

Bladder Senna

Cornus mas (light yellow) Cornelian Cherry

Corylus americana (brown) Hazelnut

Deutzia gracilis (white) Slender Deutzia

Forsythia (all sorts) (yellow) Golden Bell

Kerria japonica (yellow) Globe-flower

Lonicera fragrantissima (pink and white) Early Fragrant Honeysuckle

Philadelphus (all sorts) (white) Mock Orange

Prunus cerasus (pink) Flowering Cherry

Prunus triloba (pink) Flowering Plum

Pyrus halliana parkmani Parkman's Crab

Ribes aureum (yellow) Flowering Currant

Salix caprea (grey) Goat Willow

Spiraea arguta (very fine) (white) Hybrid Snow Garland