The trees and shrubs included in this group produce, when in bloom, a very interesting colour note in a landscape which has been uninteresting during the winter months. Most of these plants produce their best effect when used in small masses; their effect in large masses is increased only in proportion to the extensiveness of the landscape setting in which they are planted. Many interesting colour effects can be produced by the proper selection of plants from this group.

Acer rubrum Red Maple

Amelanchier oblongifolia Shad-bush

Azalea lutea

Flame-coloured Azalea Azalea nudifiora

Pinkster Flower

Azalea vaseyi

Carolina Azalea Benzoin aestivale

Spice Bush

Cercis canadensis Red-bud

Chaenomeles japonica Japanese Quince

Cornus florida

Flowering Dogwood Daphne cneorum

Garland Flower

Forsythia (in variety) Golden Bell

Hamamelis japonica Japanese Witch Hazel

Lonicera fragrantissima

Early Fragrant Honeysuckle

Lonicera standishi

Standish's Bush Honeysuckle

Magnolia (Asiatic varieties) Magnolia

Mahonia aquifolium Oregon Grape

Prunus (in variety) Japanese Flowering Cherry

Prunus triloba Flowering Plum

Salix caprea

Goat Willow Spiraea arguta

Hybrid Snow Garland

Spiraea prunifolia flore pleno Bridal Wreath