Vines require but little attention. Wood should be cut back severely in the spring on vines with ornamental fruit. Remove old canes and check any growth that becomes too rank. Shoots that are too long or spoil the general effect should be cut. All climbers must be furnished with some kind of support and care should be taken to fasten loose ends.

Usually vines are planted close to foundations. It must be remembered that most foundations are carefully provided with a line of drainage on the outside of the wall in order to readily care for any surface water that seeps into the soil and then later seeps through the wall if not promptly carried away. For this reason, probably, vines require more attention than most other plants in order to keep them supplied with a quantity of water necessary to their normal development. They should also be very frequently fertilized, preferably with bone meal or well-rotted manure. Well-rotted cow manure is an ideal fertilizer for most vines.