Lyscum, Osgood's Favourite

A Massachusetts variety of merit. Fruit large, round; skin greenish yellow, mottled with red; flesh fine grained, exceedingly mild and agreeable in flavour: in use from September to November.

Lyman's Pumpkin Sweet

A very large apple raised by Mr. 8. Lyman, Manchester, Connecticut. Skin smooth, pale yellow; flesh firm, sweet, juicy, and excellent for baking: in the autumn. The tree bears prodigious crops.

Northern Spy

A native variety of the Spitzenburgh family. Fruit large, conical, considerably ribbed; skin smooth, yellow ground, nearly covered with rich dark red and purplish streaks; flesh yellowish white, and of a rich, aromatic, sub-acid flavour: good from December to May.

Peck's Pleasant

This variety resembles the Yellow Newtown Pippin, only it is larger; skin smooth, and when first gathered green, changing to yellow, with bright blush cheek and scattered gray dots; flesh yellowish, fine grained, juicy, and tender, with a delicious high aromatic flavour in winter.

Ross Nonpareil

A delicious Irish variety, approaching in flavour to some kinds of pear; fruit below medium size, roundish; skin covered with a thin mellow russet, faintly stained with red; flesh greenish white, tender, and of a rich aromatic flavour: in perfection the end of October. Tree a profuse bearer, and worthy of a place in every amateur's garden.

Summer Sweet Paradise

A Pennsylvania fruit of large size; round, a little flattened at both ends; skin rather thick, pale green, tinged with yellow, and sprinkled with large gray dots; flesh tender, crisp, juicy, and of a sweet, rich, aromatic flavour : ripe in August and September.

Sops of Wine, Rode Wyn Appel, Sapson, Sops in Wine. A handsome little autumn apple for the dessert; skin smooth, crimson, covered with a delicate light bloom: flesh white, with stains of a pinkish hue, firm, crisp, and juicy.

Victuals and Drink, Big Sweet, Pompey

Fruit large, oblong, rather irregular: skin rough, dull yellow, marbled with russet; flesh yellowish, tender, breaking, and of a rich sprightly flavour: in perfection from October to March. The tree is a moderate bearer.

Winesap, Wine Sop

This is a good winter apple for the table, and one of the finest cider fruits; it is of medium size, rather oblong; skin smooth, of a fine dark red and yellow ground; flesh yellow, firm, with a rich high flavour.