Swaar Apple

A much celebrated winter table fruit in some parts of New York and New Jersey; it is a large apple of uncommon flavour and richness; skin of a greenish yellow, tinged with blush. The tree is very productive, and highly deserving cultivation in every collection of fine fruit. Good till March.


An apple of medium size, the form flat; skin pale red, with rough yellowish blotches; flesh yellow and tender ; juice plentiful, rich, and sprightly: from October till January.

Western Russet, Putnam's Russet

This variety is extensively cultivated in Muskingum county, Ohio, where it is esteemed above all others of their fine winter varieties. It is above the middle size, of a greenish yellow colour, covered with russety blotches, and will keep all the winter.

White Winter Calville, Calville Blanche d'Hiver, Bonnet Carre. This fruit is large; its colour at maturity bright yellow, tinged with red; its form rather flat; flesh white, tender, and pleasant: from November to March. Tree an abundant bearer.

Wine Apple, Hay's Winter, Large Winter Red Fine Winter. A variety highly esteemed in the Philadelphia markets; the fruit is large; of bright red colour striped with yellow, the stalk end russety; its flesh is rich, aromatic, and pleasant: from October to February. The tree bears young and abundantly.

Beauty of Kent

Fruit very large, roundish, but flat at the base; skin smooth, greenish yellow, with stripes of purplish red; flesh juicy, crisp, and tender, with an agreeable sub - acid flavour: in October and November.

Canadian Reinette, Reinette du Canada blanche, Portugal Apple, Grosse Reinette d'Angleterre, Pomme du Caen, Mela Janurea. Fruit large, broad, and flat; skin greenish yellow, tinged with brown; flesh yellowish white, firm, juicy, and of a high sub - acid flavour: from December to March.


A native winter fruit of Pomfret, Connecticut. Large, roundish, slightly flattened; skin thickly streaked with dull red on a greenish yellow ground with gray dots; flesh greenish white, tender, juicy, and rich.

Court of Wick Pippin, Fry's Pippin, Golden Drop, Wood's Transparent Pippin, Phillip's Reinette, Knightwick Pippin. An English winter variety, well adapted for Canada or Maine. Fruit below the middle size, regularly formed, roundish-ovate; skin greenish yellow, mottled with orange and red at maturity; flesh pale yellow, tender, juicy, and high flavoured.

Dutch Mignonne, Reinette Dor'ee, Pomme de Laak, Paterroster Apple. A winter fruit, large, roundish; skin dull orange, streaked and mottled with red, dotted with russet; flesh crisp; juice plentiful, with a delicious aromatic flavour.

Easter Pippin, Claremont Pippin, Ironstone Pippin, Young's Long Keeping, French Crab. Fruit middle size, somewhat globular; skin deep green, shaded with a pale livid brown; flesh very firm, and though not juicy, of a good, sub-acid flavour. This variety will keep sound two years.

Herefordshire Pearmain, Winter Pearmain, Royal Pearmain, Royale d'Angleterre. A fine winter dessert fruit above medium size, form oblong; skin russety green, mottled with red, and dotted with grayish specks; flesh tender, with pleasant aromatic flavour. Tree an abundant bearer.