The Polyantha Roses (descendants of Rosa multiflora) were until recent years a comparatively unimportant section, but the introduction of Crimson Rambler and its sister varieties has raised it to a much higher standard. The following are selections: -

Climbing Polyantha -

Aglaia, pale yellow.

Carmine Pillar, carmine.

Fig. 63. Polyantha Carmine Pillar

Fig. 63. Polyantha Carmine Pillar

Claire Jacquier, nankeen yellow.

Crimson Rambler, crimson.

Electra, yellow. Euphrosyne, pale pink.

Leuchtstern, rose. Thalia, white.

Fig. 62. Polyantha Leuchtstern.

Fig. 62. Polyantha Leuchtstern.

Dwarf Polyantha -

Anna Maria de Montravel, white.

Clothilde Soupert, white, shaded pink.

Little Dot, pink.

Ma Paquerette, white.

Mignonette, rose.

White Pet, white.


The Cabbage Rose is grown in a few gardens to this day, but modern varieties are squeezing it out of existence.