I. The Lymphatic Vessels. - Inflammations. Tuberculosis. Dilatation from obstruction of the thoracic duct and other steins. Tumours, including secondary cancer. II. The Lymphatic Glands. - 1. Their structure and general pathology. 2. Degenerations. 3. Pigmentation leading to induration. 4. Acute lymphadenitis, Bubo. 5. Chronic lymphadenitis. 6. Tuberculosis, primary and secondary. 7. Syphilis. 8. Tumours. III. The Spleen. - Its structure. Malformations and malpositions. Active congestion and inflammation; the acute splenic tumour. Chronic inflammation; the chronic splenic tumour. Passive hyperemia. The embolic infarction. Rupture. Amyloid disease; the sago spleen; the lardaceous or waxy spleen. Tuberculosis, syphilis, and tumours.