Mallory And Wright's Pathologic Technique

Pathologic Technique. A Practical Manual for Workers in Pathologic Histology, including Directions for the Performance of Autopsies and for Clinical Diagnosis by Laboratory Methods, By Frank B. Mallory, M. D., Associate Professor of Pathology, Harvard University; and James H. Wright, M. D., Director of the Clinico-Pathologic Laboratories, Massachusetts General Hospital. Octavo of 500 pages, with 152 illustrations. Cloth,$3.00 net.

Fifth Edition

In revising the book for the new edition the authors have kept in view the needs of the laboratory worker, whether student, practitioner, or pathologist, for a practical manual of histologic and bacteriologic methods in the study of pathologic material.

William H. Welch, M.D.

Professor of Pathology, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md.

" 1 have been looking forward to the publication of this book, and I am glad to say that I find it a most useful laboratory and post-mortem guide, full of practical information".

Prentiss' Embryology

Text-Book of Embryology. By Charles W. Prentiss, Ph. D., Professor of Microscopic Anatomy, Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago. Quarto volume of 400 pages, with 400 illustrations, many of them in colors. Cloth, $3.75 net.

Just Issued

Dr. Prentiss' work fulfils a double purpose : It is a complete laboratory manual with full directions for dissections and study, and it is as well a clearly-presented text on embryology. It is, of course, particularly adapted for the student's use, but recognizing the light that embryology throws on gross anatomy and the importance of this knowledge both in surgery and general medicine, every opportunity has been taken to make this book of equal value and help to the man in active practice. From its careful study he can glean many points that will help him in his diagnoses and consequently in his treatments. Many new ideas, new developments evolved in the laboratory by Dr. Prentiss himself are published here for the first time. There are nearly 400 illustrations throughout the text, many of them in colors.

Heisler's Embryology

A Text-Book of Embryology. By John C. Heisler, M. D., Professor of Anatomy in the Medico-Chirurgical College, Philadelphia. Octavo volume of 435 pages, with 212 illustrations, 32 of them in colors. Cloth, $3.00 net.

Third Edition

The fact of embryology having acquired in recent years such great interest in connection with the teaching and with the proper comprehension of human anatomy, it is of first importance to the student of medicine that a concise and yet sufficiently full text-book upon the subject be available. Heisler's Embryology has become a standard work.

G. Carl Huber, M.D., Professor of Embryology, Wistar Institute, University of Penn.

" I find the second edition of 'A Text-Book of Embryology' by Dr. Heisler an improve ment on the first. The figures added increase greatly the value of the work. I am again recommending it to our students".

Bohm, Davidoff, And Huber's Histology

A Text=Book of Human Histology. Including Microscopic Technic. By Dr. A. A. Bohm and Dr. M. Von Davidoff, of Munich, and G. Carl Huber, M. D., Professor of Embryology at the Wistar Institute, University of Pennsylvania. Octavo of 528 pages, with 361 beautiful original illustrations. Flexible cloth,.

#3.5° net.

Second Edition, Enlarged

The work of Drs. Bohm and Davidoff is well known in the German edition, and has been considered one of the most practically useful books on the subject of Human Histology. This second edition has been in great part rewritten and very much enlarged by Dr. Huber, who has also added over one hundred original illustrations. Dr. Huber's extensive additions have made the work the most complete students' text-book on Histology in existence.

Boston Medical And Surgical Journal

"Is unquestionably a text-book of the first rank, having been carefully written by thorough masters of the subject, and in certain directions it is much superior to any other histological manual".

Wells' Chemical Pathology. Chemical Pathology

Being a Discussion of General Pathology from the Standpoint of the Chemical Processes Involved. By H. Gideon Wells, Ph. D., M. D., Assistant Professor of Pathology in the University of Chicago. Octavo of 616 pages. Cloth, $3.25 net.

New (2d) Edition

Dr. Wells' work is written for the physician, for those engaged in research in pathology and physiologic chemistry, and for the medical student. In the introductory chapter are discussed the chemistry and physics of the animal cell, giving the essential facts of ionization, diffusion, osmotic pressure, etc., and the relation of these facts to cellular activities.

Wm. H. Welch, M.D., Professor of Pathology, Johns Hopkins University.

" The work fills a real need in the English literature of a very important subject, and I shall be glad to recommend it to my students".

Lusk On Nutrition

Elements of the Science of Nutrition. By Graham Lusk, Ph. D., Professor of Physiology at Cornell Medical School. Octavo volume of 402 pages. Cloth, $3.00 net.

The New (2d) Edition

Prof. Lusk presents the scientific foundations upon which rests our knowledge of nutrition and metabolism, both in health and in disease. There are special chapters on the metabolism of diabetes and fever and on purin metabolism. The work will also prove valuable to students of animal dietetics at agricultural stations.

Lewellys F. Barker, M. D.

Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University.

" I shall recommend it highly to my students. It is a comfort to have such a discussion of the subject in English".

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