The American Illustrated Medical Dictionary. A new and complete dictionary of the terms used in Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Veterinary Science, Nursing, and all kindred branches; with over 100 new and elaborate tables and many handsome illustrations. By W. A. Newman Dorland, M.D., Editor of "The American Pocket Medical Dictionary." Large octavo of 1105 pages,bound in full flexible leather, $4.50 net; with thumb index, $5.00 net.

A Key To Medical Literature

Gives a Maximum Amount of Matter in a Minimum Space.


This edition is not a makeshift revision. The editor and a corps of expert assistants have been working on it for two years. Result - a thoroughly down-to-the-minute dictionary, unequalled for completeness and usefulness by any other medical lexicon on the market. In it you get all the new words. This is important, because in dictionary service the new words are what you want. Then it has two-score other features that make it really a Medical Encyclopedia.

Personal Opinions

Howard A. Kelly, M. D.,

Professor of Gynecologic Surgery, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.

" Dr. Dorland's dictionary is admirable. It is so well gotten up and of such convenient size. No errors have been found in my use of it".

J. Collins Warren, M.D.,

Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School.

"I regard it as a valuable aid to my medical literary work. It is very complete and of convenient size to handle comfortably. I use it in preference to any other".

Daugherty's Economic Zoology

Economic Zoology. By L. S. Daugherty, M.S., Ph. D., Professor of Zoology, State Normal School, Kirksville, Mo., and M. C. Daugherty, author with Jackson of "Agriculture Through the Laboratory and School Garden": Part I - Field and Laboratory Guide. 12mo of 275 pages, interleaved. Cloth, $1.25 net. Part II - Principles. 12mo of 406 pages, illustrated. Cloth, $2.00 net.


There is no other book just like this. Not only does it give the salient facts of structural zoology and the development of the various branches of animals, but also the natural history - the life and habits - thus showing the interrelations of structure, habit, and environment. In a word, it gives the principles of zoology and their actual application, emphaizng the economic phase in every branch.

Second Drew's Invertebrate Zoology Edition

A Laboratory Manual of Invertebrate Zoology. By Gil-man A. Drew, Ph. D., Assistant Director of the Marine Biological Laboratory. With the aid of former and present Members of the Zoological Staff of Instructors at the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Mass. 12mo of 213 pages. Cloth, $1.25 net.

Mcconnell's Pathology Second Edition

A Manual of Pathology. By Guthrie McConnell, M. D.,

Professor of Bacteriology and Pathology at Temple University,

Philadelphia, 12mo of 523 pages, with 170 illustrations. Flexible leather, $2.50 net.

" The book treats the subject of pathology with a thoroughness lacking in many-works of greater pretension. The illustrations - many of them original - are profuse and of exceptional excellence." - New York State Journal of Medicine.

Norris' Cardiac Pathology

Studies in Cardiac Pathology. By George W. Norris, M. D., University of Pennsylvania. Large octavo of 235 pages, with 85 illustrations. Cloth, $5.00 net.

Hektoen And Riesman's Pathology

American Text-Book of Pathology. Edited by Ludvig Hektoen, M. D., and David Riesman, M. D. Octavo of 1245 pages, 443 illustrations, 66 in colors. Cloth, $7.50 net; Half Morocco, $9.00 net.

DüRck And Hektoen's Special Pathologic Histology

Atlas and Epitome of Special Pathologic Histology.

By Dr. H. Dürck, of Munich. Edited, with additions, by Ludvig Hektoen, M. D., Professor of Pathology, Rush Medical College, Chicago. In two parts. Part I. - Circulatory, Respiratory, and Gastro-intestinal Tracts. 120 colored figures on 62 plates, and 158 pages of text. Part II. - Liver, Urinary and Sexual Organs, Nervous System, Skin, Muscles, and Bones. 123 colored figures on 60 plates, and 192 pages of text. Per part: Cloth, $3.00 net. In Saunders' Hand-Atlas Series.

The great value of these plates is that they represent in the exact colors the effect of the stains, which is of such great importance for the differentiation of tissue. The text portion of the book is admirable.

William H. Welch, M. D.,

Professor of Pathology, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.

" I consider Dürck's 'Atlas of Special Pathologic Histology' edited by Hektoen, a very useful book for students and others. The plates are admirable".

Sobotta And Huber's Human Histology

Atlas and Epitome of Human Histology and Microscopic Anatomy. By Privatdocent Dr. J. Sobotta, of Wiirzburg. Edited, with additions, by G. Carl Huber, M. D., Professor of Histology and Embryology, and Director of the Histological Laboratory, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. With 214 colored figures on 80 plates, 68 text-illustrations, and 248 pages of text. Cloth, $4.50 net. In Saunders' Hand-Atlas Series.

Lewellys F. Barker, M. D.,

Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University.

"I congratulate you upon the appearance of this volume. The illustrations are certainly very fine, and Dr. Huber has made important contributions to the text. The book should have a large sale".

Bosanquet On Spirochaetes

Spirochaetes. By W. Cecil Bosanquet, M. D., Fellow-Royal College of Physicians, London. Octavo, 152 pages, illustrated. $2.50 net.


This is a complete and authoritative monograph on the spirochaetes, giving morphology, pathogenesis, classification, staining, etc. Pseudospirochustes are also considered, and the entire text well illustrated. The high standing of Dr. Bosanquet in this field of study makes this new work particularly valuable.