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Mallory's Pathologic Histology

Pathologic Histology. By Frank B. Mallory, M. D., Associate Professor of Pathology, Harvard University Medical School. Octavo of 677 pages, with 497 figures containing 683 original illustrations, 124 in colors. Cloth, $5.50 net; Half Morocco, $7.00 net.

Reprinted In Three Months

This new work by Dr. Mallory is destined to take a place of first rank. It is complete and thorough, written in a most clear and definite style. All through the entire work Dr. Mallory has emphasized the practical side of the subject. His reputation as a careful worker gives the book the stamp of authority. The illustrations are all original and stand out as a striking feature. They are magnificent. As a thoroughly reliable and up-to-date work on pathologic histology this new book from the pen of Dr. Mallory is bound to take the lead.

Kolmer's Infection, Immunity, And Specific Therapy

Practical Text-Book of Infection, Immunity, and Specific Therapy. With special reference to Immunologic Technic. By John A. Kolmer, M. D., Dr. P. H., Instructor in Experimental Pathology, University of Pennsylvania. Octavo of 900 pages, with 143 original illustrations, 43 in colors, by Erwin F. Faber. Cloth, $6.00 net; Half Morocco, $7.50 net.

Just Out - Very Complete

This is not a book for the laboratory worker alone - not by any means. While the laboratory worker will find in it everything he could possibly want to know about these subjects - even to the late developments of 1914 - the book was planned particularly for the man in general practice - the general practitioner. You, therefore, will find here not only the theories, the principles of infection and immunity, the technic of making the various tests and reactions (illustrated in colors), but also - and specially - the significance of the various reactions, their value in diagnosis, their practical application in your daily work. Then the Specific Therapy sections: You get here the exact technic, step by step, of making serums and autogenous vaccines and their actual use in diagnosis and treatment. You get definite directions for injecting vaccines, serums, salvarsan, neosalvarsan; definite directions for the tuberculin tests, luetin, mallein, and similar reactions. The last section is devoted to laboratory experiments.

Dr. J. P. Simonds, Northwestern University Medical School.

"I have looked it over with much interest and profit. The illustrations strike me as particularly good and adequate".

Histology And Physiology. Eyre's Bacteriolog'IC Technic

Bacteriologic Technic. A Laboratory Guide for the Medical, Dental, and Technical Student. By J. W. H. Eyre, M. D., F. R. S. Edin., Director of the Bacteriologic Department of Guy's Hospital, London. Octavo of 520 pages, 219 illustrations. Cloth, $3.00 net.

New (2d) Edition. Rewritten

Dr. Eyre has subjected his work to a most searching revision. Indeed, so thorough was his revision that the entire book, enlarged by some 150 pages and 50 illustrations, had to be reset from cover to cover. He has included all the latest technic in every division of the subject. His thoroughness, his accuracy, his attention to detail make his work an important one. He gives clearly the technic for the bacteriologic examination of water, sewage, air, soil, milk and its products, meats, etc.

Howell's Physiology

A Text-Book of Physiology. By William H. Howell, Ph. D., M. D., Professor of Physiology in the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. Octavo of 1020 pages, with 306 illustrations. Cloth, $4.00 net.

New (5th) Edition

Dr. Howell has had many years of experience as a teacher of physiology in several of the leading medical schools, and is therefore exceedingly well fitted to write a text-book on this subject. Main emphasis has been laid upon those facts and views which will be directly helpful in the practical branches of medicine. At the same time, however, sufficient consideration has been given to the experimental side of the science.

The London Lancet

"This is one of the best recent books on physiology, and we warmly commend it to the attention of those who desire to obtain by reading a general all-round, yet concise survey of the scope, facts, theories, and speculations that make up its subject matter".

Jordan's General Bacteriology

A Text=Book of General Bacteriology. By Edwin 0. Jordan, Ph.D., Professor of Bacteriology in the University of Chicago and in Rush Medical College. Octavo of 623 pages, illustrated. Cloth, $3.00 net.

The New (4th) Edition

Professor Jordan's work embraces the entire field of bacteriology, the nonpathogenic as well as the pathogenic bacteria being considered, giving greater emphasis, of course, to the latter. There are extensive chapters on methods of studying bacteria, their development and composition; on enzymes and fermentation-products; on the bacterial production of pigment, acid and alkali; and on ptomains and toxins. Especially complete is the presentation of serum treatment.

This work will also appeal to academic and scientific students. It contains chapters on the bacteriology of plants, milk and milk-products, air, agriculture, water, food preservatives, the processes of leather tanning, tobacco curing, and vinegar making; the relation of bacteriology to household administration and to sanitary engineering, etc.

Prof. Severance Burrag'e, Associate Prof, of 'sanitary Science, Purdue University.

" I am much impressed with the completeness and accuracy of the book. It certainly covers the ground more completely than any other American book that I have seen".

Buchanan's Veterinary Bacteriology

Veterinary Bacteriology. By Robert E. Buchanan, Ph.D., Professor of Bacteriology in the Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts. Octavo of 516 pages, with 214 illustrations. Cloth, $3.00 net.