Chapter 4, Note 3. Acid Pattern Of Pain And Lactic Acid

We have investigated the relationship between pain of acid pattern and the appearance of lactic acid resulting from abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates. For this purpose we used the technique of Friedemann, Cotonio and Shaffer. In several patients it appeared possible to establish this relationship by measuring the lactic acid content of efferent blood from tumors during intensive pain of acid pattern. In a young man with a huge sarcoma of the knee, for whom the acid pattern of the pain had been established through its relationship to the changes in the urinary pH, such analyses could be carried out in the blood obtained from the big easily accessible efferent veins. At the moments of very severe pain, the amount of lactic acid had markedly increased. Values as high as 128 mg./100 cc. blood were found during these painful periods, contrasting with values around 30 mg./100 cc. blood in the period of calm.