This is an enlargement and excessive secretion of synovial fluid of one of the Bursae. It usually arises from a strain, or injury of some kind, and its most common situation is about the wrist, the back of the hand, or one of the fingers.


The opinions as to the best method of treating these accidents, vary considerably, some surgeons advocating the passing of a seton through the swelling, although they acknowledge that mischief sometimes results. Others again recommend laying the hand on a table and bursting the tumour by striking it with a heavy book; a most barbarous mode of proceeding. The most approved, as well as the most successful and least painful plan appears to be to puncture the tumour with a spear-pointed or grooved needle, and, after squeezing out the contents, to employ pressure to prevent the sac filling again. Both blisters and Iodine have been used, without, however, any large amount of success.