A Sprain is a violent stretching of tendinous or ligamentous parts, with or without rupture of some of their fibres. It produces instant severe pain, (as doubtless many of my readers know), often attended with faintness, followed often by considerable swelling; with subsequent weakness and stiffness. If the part is not kept at rest, or if the knee or some other large joint is affected, there will be great pain, inflammation and fever, that may lead to serious and even fatal results.


As quickly as possible after the accident, get the patient and the injured limb in that position which is felt to be the most comfortable. The injured part should then be bathed constantly with water as hot as it can be borne, till the pain subsides. After which it may be rubbed three or four times a day with one of the Liniments in the Appendix,-No. 29, 30, or 31. If there is much inflammation and tenderness, a few leeches may be applied.