Hiccups are spasmodic affections of the stomach and diaphram, (midriff,) arising from some peculiar irritation, and frequently without any apparent cause; coming on suddenly, continuing for a few minutes, and then gradually subsiding. Hiccups are supposed to arise sometimes from acidity in the stomach, when they may be removed by taking a small dose of Magnesia; when they arise without any apparent cause, a draught of cold water, or some sudden excitement, so as to break the continuance of the spasmodic action for a few seconds, will usually put a stop to them. When they return frequently, the patient should take some Antispasmodic; such as, 20 or 30 drops of Ether, or Sweet Spirit of Nitre, or a teaspoonful of Paregoric.

When Hiccups occur at the end of any acute disorder, or after a mortification has set in, they generally usher in a fatal termination, and no medical or other treatment will be of any service.