Acute inflammation of the external ear is known by violent pain in the part, which is increased by pressure, and by noise, as well as by the motions of the head and of the lower jaw, and by exposure to cold air. Hearing is confused, and there are noises in the Ear. Inflammation of the internal ear is attended with much severer pain, and constant ringing, throbbing sounds. Both are accompanied with severe headache and fever, and may prove fatal. They are generally caused by cold, or foreign bodies in the ear, or by derangement of the stomach and bowels, and are most frequent in children.


Leeches should be applied behind the ear. Afterwards an emetic, followed by a dose of Calomel and Antimonial powder (according to the age of the child), which may be followed by the Fever Mixture No. 9, three or four times a day. The ear may be very gently syringed with decoction of Poppy Heads, or warm milk and water, or may be poulticed. When the inflammation is subsiding, blisters may be applied at the back of the neck, or behind the ear.