It frequently makes its appearance when the child is only a few weeks old. When first noticed, it usually appears in little sore or whitish spots about the corners of the mouth, or inside of the lower lip; these increase in number, and gradually spread to the tongue, the roof of the mouth, the inside of the cheeks, and sometimes extend to the throat. In some cases, the disease has been known to extend to the bowels. The eruption occasionally turns of a yellowish or brownish colour, and this is considered an unfavourable sign. When the throat is affected, the voice is apt to be hoarse. The complaint is sometimes accompanied by Diarrhoea, with pains in the bowels, and the stools are frequently green and slimy. The child also frequently vomits greenish matter, smelling sour; sometimes a little fever accompanies the complaint. In general, the complaint is trifling and unattended with danger, but in children of bad constitutions it frequently proves fatal. In these cases, however, there is usually some other complaint existing at the same time. The Thrush is of very uncertain duration, sometimes it disappears after a few days, and sometimes it may continue for several weeks.


Give the child a small quantity of Carbonate of Magnesia, about twice a day; (from two to four grains according to the age of the child,) or, if the child should appear to be griped, the Carminative may be given instead. If the bowels should be much relaxed, one or two grains of finely powdered chalk may be added to each dose. As an application to the mouth the very best is a mixture of borax and honey. A quarter of an ounce of borax, finely powdered, to be mixed with an ounce of honey. The best way to apply it is for the mother or nurse to dip her little finger in the mixture, and gently rub it over the inside of the child's mouth. This is all the treatment advisable, if the complaint does not yield to it, it is better to have the child seen by a competent medical man, in case something more serious should be the matter.

If the child is sucking, it is highly necessary that the mother should pay attention to her own diet; avoid pickles, vinegar, acid fruits, and live as much as possible on boiled mutton, poultry, rice puddings, and such like diet.