Some of these act upon the fluids, and some upon the solids: of the former sort there are very few; the principal are aqueous diluents, which certainly have a great efficacy in melting down and dissolving clammy, sizy humours; as a!so fixt alkaline salts, vola-tile and nitrous salts; lor these, given in a liquid form, render the blood, and thick dense humours more fluid. Almost all the rest operate on the solids, by increasing their tone, strength and contractile force, by rendering the vessels more elastic; insomuch that they more strong-ly press the contained fluids, make their progressions more quick, and the intestine motions more lively; insomuch that by circulating more strongly and speedily through the capillary vessels, the globules of the juices will be broke, and reduced to a much less compass, and consequently will become more fluid. This action on the solids is performed in some by an acrid fixed salt, as in the roots of cuckow-pint, white-pimpenel, asarabacca, Florentine orris, Solomon's-seal, the leaves of arnica, or German leopard's bane, and pepper-wort; as also pepper and ginger. Again, some produce their effect by a subtile volatile acrid salt; such as horse-radish, elecampane, cresses, scurvy-grass, mu-stard, leeks, onions and garlic: some chiefly stimulate, as the neutral salts, such as sal ammoniac, Epsom salt, vitriolat-ed tartar, and diuretic salt. Others act by an acrid salt, imbuted with plenty of sulphureous particles, as gum ammoniac, sagapenum, opoponax, the wood of guaiac, and its rosin. Lastly, some operate by a subtile, penetrating, meta-lic salt, as Mercurius dulcis, and aethiops mineral.

Some of these are most proper to dissolve and incide thick humours in the stomach and first passages, such as the root of cuckow-pint, pepper, ginger, sal ammoniac, vitriolated tartar, salt of wormwood, and dulcified spirit of salt. If the humours are to be carried downwards, at the same time, nothing is better than Epsom salt. When sizy humours are to be dissolved, in disorders of the breast, then make use of elecampane, Florentine orris, maidenhair, gum ammoniac, myrrh, benjamin, flowers of brim-stone, balsam of Tolu and Peru, diuretic salt, and oxymel of squills. When the blood is soul and tainted with scor-butic humours, then give horse-radish, scurvy-grass, water cresses, brooklime, buck beans, the letter centaury, mu-stard seed, gum ammoniac, myrrh, oil of tartar per deli-quium, spirit of sal ammoniac, and salt of wormwood, with the juice of oranges. When the blood is congrumated in any part by bruises or falls, then direct the root of Sol-mon's seal, the leaves of chervil, diddled vinegar, with crabs eves, or stibiated nitre. When the lympha is thickned by the venereal disease, or otherwise, prescribe the wood of guaiac in decoction, Mercurius dulcis, or aethiops mineral.