Acidity is the chief cause of fevers in children, and therefore the cure depends on de-stroying it; this is done by rendering them fit to be expelled, and then purging them out of the body. This is effected by ab-sorbing them with prepared oister shells, or compound powder of crabs claws. When the child is about a year old, "take "a dram of the compound powder of crabs claws, forty "grains of prepared crabs eyes, and six grains of cochineal; "mix them :" divide this powder into six parts, and give a dose immediately. If the cafe is urgent, another two hours afterwards, and then every fourth hour, unless prevented by sleep; this may be done for two days, in a spoonful of the following julep. "Take of simple alexiterial water six ounces, of spiri-"tuous alexiterial water half an ounce, of double refined "sugar half an ounce, mix them:" another spoonful may be taken to wash it down. When there is a cough, give a small spoonful of the following julep: "Take four ounces of pen-"nyroyal-water, two ounces of syrup of marsh-mallows, and "one ounce of syrup of balsam; mix them." On the third day, unless the measles or small-pox appear, give the following laxative. "Take a quarter of an ounce of solutive syrup of "roses, ten grains of rhubarb, and a quarter of an ounce of "simple alexiterial water; mix them." When there is any unusual symptoms arising from putrid humours, it will be best to give six grains of Ethiops mineral the night before the purge, in a spoonful of any agreeable syrup: after the purge, the ab-sorbent powders are to be repeated three or four times in twenty four hours, for two days and two nights; on the third day, the purge is to be repeated, which must be made stronger or weaker, according to the operation of the former; by these means the symptoms generally cease.