This is attended with a very acute continual fever, and a violent pain in the nervous membranes of the liver, which is felt every time the patient draws in his breath: there is likewise a cough, sneezing, and a sense of repletion or fullness of the stomach, a nausea, vomiting, acom-pression of the belly ingoing to stool or making water; the breathing is not deep but small, and is performed by the breast only, for the abdomen or belly remains immoveable : there is a constant delirium, a sardonic laughter, and as the disease advances, convulsions. The cure is the same as in other inflammations, but clysters are particularly advantageous; and the best remedy after plentiful bleeding, is a blister laid to the part attested; the liquors taken inwardly should be cooling and small, such as whey with the leaves of sorrel boiled in it, or mixt with jelly of currants: as also tamarinds boiled with water or whey. If this method is pursued in time, it is sel-dom attended with any danger.