It is important to be able to detect the peculiarities which characterize a child with marked consumptive tendencies, so as to take such measures as may, possibly, ward off the disease. Sir William Jenner describes the appearance of a child with consumptive tendencies, as follows: "Thin skin, clear complexion, the surface veins distinct, eyes bright, pupils large, eyelashes long, hair silken, face oval, ends of the bones small, shafts thin, limbs straight." Dr. J. considers freckles a symptom of value. Children, subject to tuberculosis are precocious. They cut their teeth early, and learn to run alone and talk before others. The chest is generally long and round. In some cases it is long and pigeon-breasted, a condition resulting from repeated attacks of catarrh, and bronchitis.

The Treatment of Consumptive Constitution

The most important means of combating and overcoming the consumptive tendency in a child, are proper diet and exercise. A child of consumptive parents should be submitted to the most careful regimen from the earliest infancy. If the mother is consumptive, the child should be weaned, and a healthy wet-nurse employed. Great care should be taken to follow carefully all the directions given elsewhere for the care of infants in health. These children should not be given candy and sweetmeats of any kind, and should not be allowed to take tea or coffee. At the proper time, graham and oatmeal preparations should be introduced into their dietary. But little meat should be employed. As a general rule, the less meat used by these patients the better, since tubercle is a nitrogenous product, closely resembling meat in its composition, and is very likely to be produced by an excess of nitrogenous elements in the food.