These consist in an increase of the pigment or coloring matter of the skin in small spots. They most often occur in persons who have delicate skins, being greatly increased by exposure to sun and wind, though not produced by them, as is tan. They do not necessarily indicate an inactive state of the liver. Quite eminent authority on lung disease declares that freckles indicate a predisposition to consumption.

The Treatment of Freckles or Lentigo

Very difficult of removal, and impossible if patient continues exposure. It is better to have the freckles than to forego the valuable influence of the sunshine and fresh air. The advertized lotions and cosmetics are either dangerous or useless. The following are a few of the best-known remedies for the removal of freckles and tan:

1. Three tablespoonfuls of fresh scraped horse-radish; buttermilk, a pint. Allow to soak six or eight hours, shaking occasionally. Cider vinegar is sometimes used in place of the horse-radish. Apply to the face at night, leaving on till morning.

2. Two tablespoonfuls of lemon juice; an equal quantity of water; a tablespoonful of glycerine; a heaping teaspoonful of powdered borax. Apply three or four times a day, drying after fifteen or twenty minutes with a fluffy towel.