The eruption consists of small round spots or blotches in the skin, bright red at first, soon becoming of a darker hue and then fading after a few days, presenting the various colors seen in a fading bruise. First appears in the legs. A disease known as purpura hemorrhagica is a more severe form of the same affection, the amount of blood exuded beneath the skin being very much greater. Sea scurvy is an allied disease which is accompanied by other symptoms of a grave character. The principal causes of the disease are confinement too closely to animal food, especially salt meat and innutritious food. It is very common among English women who live on strong tea and white bread.

The Treatment of Purpura - The Purples - Land Scurvy

This consists almost exclusively in improvement of the dietary. Tonic baths, massage, and electricity are also useful aids in treatment. The tissues of the legs should be supported by elastic bandages or stockings.