This is by no means so trivial an affection as is generally supposed. Pain accompanied by roaring or ringing sounds and a sense of fullness, is generally due to inflammation of the middle ear, which may result in permanent impairment of hearing if not given proper attention. In many cases, obstinate crying of children is due to earache. Earache is sometimes sympathetic with disease of the teeth. The most common cause, however, is taking cold in the head or ears.

The Treatment of Earache

The best remedy is heat, which may be applied by means of fomentations, rubber bags filled with hot water, flannel bags filled with hot sand, bran or corn meal, or poultices. Whatever the applications are, they should be made as hot as can be borne. It is usually necessary to continue the applications for some time. In most cases, it is advantageous to employ fomentations of sufficient size to cover the whole side of the head and extend under the chin. The application of a roast onion to the ear is a very favorite remedy, but probably has no, advantage over fomentations. The application of the hot douche to the ear is a very excellent remedy if used with care. The water should be as hot as can be borne. The hot foot bath, hot sitz bath, and the hot blanket pack, are often effective in relieving pain in the ear. They should be employed in connection with local treatment.