This is a mild form of inflammation of the skin. It is characterized by small pustules surrounded by a ring of hard tissue. The eruption is frequently produced by scratching induced by lice. The eruption may be occasioned by local irritants of any kind in persons who are badly nourished.

The Treatment of Ecthyma

Remove the cause, if due to the presence of lice. When the pustules become ulcerous, carbolic-acid ointment should be applied. If due to debility, attention should be given to the general health. If the ulcerations become quite severe and foul, the following is an excellent preparation: Boil a teaspoonful of starch in two teaspoonfuls of glycerine and six of water; when nearly cold, add a teaspoonful of tincture of iodine. Apply a little to each ulcer every day or two until a more healthy appearance is produced.