This is a condition in which the sweat-glands are excessively active. The palms of the hands and feet are most often affected, sometimes to such an extent as to give to these parts a parboiled appearance. Persons troubled with excessive sweating of the feet, generally carry with them a disagreeable odor, due to the perspiration with which the stockings, and even boots or shoes, become saturated.

The Treatment of Excessive Sweat or Hyperidrosis

Take each night and morning an alternate hot and cold foot bath, dipping the feet first into the hot, and then into the cold water, every half minute for fifteen or twenty minutes. Wipe the feet dry, and apply a strong decoction of white-oak bark, or a solution of tannin in water, two drachms to the ounce, or, better still, a solution of tannin and glycerine in the same proportion. The old boots or shoes saturated with perspiration, should be disused, and a new pair purchased. The stockings should be changed every day. Rubbers, and other impervious foot coverings, should not be worn, or should be kept on as short a time as possible. Cloth boots are better than leather, on account of giving the air access to the feet.