This is a condition which is sometimes exceedingly annoying. It is occasioned by the excretion in the sweat of elements of an offensive character. Odors of various kinds are produced. Rheumatic persons are generally most disagreeably affected. The arm-pits are the portions of the body most frequently affected, the offensive odor arising from the feet being due to decomposition of the sweat, and not to the abnormal character of the secretion. This condition is sometimes very difficult to overcome. The best remedy is thorough cleansing of the parts, at least twice a day, with soap and water, or some disinfectant lotion, as permanganate of potash, a solution of chlorinated soda, or with two or three per cent of carbolic acid. Washing the affected part with a solution of chloral, a drachm to the ounce, is a recently recommended remedy. What is known as Bromidrosis, is a condition in which the perspiration imparts to the clothing some peculiar color.