This symptom is produced by a sudden spasm of the diaphragm. It may be excited by eating too much, thus causing indigestion and irritation of the stomach; drinking a large quantity of cold water, or by long-continued and immoderate laughter. It also occurs, sometimes, in the last stages of wasting diseases, when it is regarded as a very grave symptom, indicating approaching dissolution.

The Treatment of Hiccough

Hiccough can generally be stopped by taking a very small sip of very cold water or swallowing a small piece of ice. It may also generally be checked by holding the breath a long time, so as to interrupt the paroxysm, which occurs at regular intervals. When it is very obstinate, and is evidently the result of indigestion, a copi ous warm water emetic should be administered for the purpose of emptying the stomach. In ordinary cases, the symptom will disappear of itself, after a short time.