This symptom consists in an explosive expiratory effort, the air being expelled through both the mouth and nose, but chiefly through the former. It is oftenest occasioned by irritation of the nasal and mucous membrane. It may arise from titillation, inhalation of dust, congestion incident to taking cold, or congestion present in influenza and hay fever. It is, in some cases, a purely nervous symptom. With many persons, sneezing is excited by looking at the sun or at a bright light.

The Treatment of Sneezing

This symptom rarely becomes so troublesome as to require special attention by way of treatment, and yet, it is often at least convenient to be possessed of a remedy to check or relieve it. The disposition to sneeze can ordinarily be relieved by rubbing the nose between the thumb and finger. It may also be checked by pressing the finger against the upper lip, just below the nose. In some cases, the nasal douche, administered with a fountain syringe, is essential. The best solution employed is a teaspoonful of common salt, dissolved in a pint of tepid water, or fifteen to twenty drops of carbolic acid, well dissolved.