Although this symptom does not necessarily pertain to the respiratory organs, it may be considered here, perhaps more properly than in any other connection. Foulness of breath may arise from decaying teeth, ozena, ulceration of the tonsils, foul emanations from the stomach, and from the fetid expectorations of consumption in its advanced stages, or cases of chronic bronchitis in which there is great dilatation of the bronchii, allowing accumulation and decomposition of purulent secretions of mucus.

The Treatment of Foul Breath

Decaying teeth should be cleansed and carefully filled. Catarrh, attended by fetid secretions and ulceration of the tonsils, should receive the necessary treatment. Foul emanations from the stomach may be best corrected by the adoption of such measures as will improve the digestion. The use of charcoal either in capsules or in the form of charcoal crackers, is an excellent measure for temporary relief. The fetid odors arising from decomposing secretions in catarrh, bronchitis, consumption, and in gangrene of the lungs, may be in a great degree corrected by the inhalation of carbolic acid vapor. A few drops of pure carbolic acid or creosote, say four to six drops of either, should be placed in the inner cup of the steam inhaler and inhaled three or four times a day.